The Design Brief

You are the Formula One Team commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest Formula One Car for the Future, driven by compact compressed reclaimed CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) power-plants. In order to enter the Championship you must allocate job roles to the members of your group.

Ideally, one role should be allocated to each person. However, you may have to double up on your role and responsibilities depending on the number of people you have available in your group.

The following job roles are examples of what could be covered by the members of your team:

Team Manager

(maximum of one person)
You will be responsible for managing the team, ensuring that the primary and back-up car are ready for the finals. The team manager works closely with all members of the team, offering assistance where necessary. 

Manufacturing Engineer

You are responsible for your advising team members on the manufacturing process. Manufacturing engineers will need to liaise with the design engineers to report and help solve any problems with construction of the car.

Design Engineer

Your role is to be responsible for the styling and aerodynamic performance of the car design. Design engineers will need to liaise with the manufacturing engineers to ensure their ideas can be realised. 

Graphic Designer

You are responsible for producing the colour schemes applied to the vehicle, including any special sponsorship decals, together with the final graphics renderings and any additional team marketing materials. As a graphic designer you will need to liaise with the designer engineer to ensure any schemes will fit the shape of the vehicle and the resources manager for additional marketing development. 

Resources Manager

Your role is organise time, materials and equipment for the design and making the cars. You will be responsible for developing ideas regarding team marketing (presentation). As the resource manager you will be need to liaise with all members to check task are progressing on time and for providing other additional help as needed.

There are so many tasks that must be mastered in order design, manufacture, prepare and finally enter a car for racing, that teamwork will be vital to your success. 

A real F1 team succeeds because all of the people learn to work together and support each other. 

Remember, no one person is more important than another.